Of all the arts abstract painting is the most difficult, it demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for colours and that you be a true poet.
The last is essential.


I’ve chosen to do mixed media, abstract painting as it’s the most expressive and enjoyable art form for me.

Through these mediums Im able to synthesize the passion and joy i feel while creating into something tangible. My paintings are purely aesthetic at core, and subsequently enhance any space. I thrive on multi medium experimentation and the nuances of the relationship they have with each other.


I employ a variety of materials, from inks and enamels  to acrylics and varnishes. Mixed media affords complete freedom of expression, while adding depth and interest to the painting. Most of my work is heavily textured with contrasting elements, pairing glossy with matt, and smoothness with texture.
I draw inspiration from everything around me, nature holds a strong influence along anything that captures my interest with its innate beauty.

The central image of my work varies, sometimes it’s a mere suggestion of a landscape, or it’s simply colour and texture speaking for itself. I view the world differently to most people, absorbing everything I see like a sponge, and drawing creativity from objects, like old rusted surfaces to the unexpected colour combinations found in nature.
I enjoy leaving my work open to the viewers’ imagination and interpretation, thus encouraging transcendence of the work itself. Very often my works are a journey without a destination, experimenting with the relationships that form out of spontaneous action. As an artist, I am in a process of discovery, seeking, and awareness of self and other.

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